LENS – or Low Energy Neurofeedback System– is an advanced form of brain technology or EEG biofeedback for adults and children – so-called, because it uses a tiny signal, hundreds of times smaller than your cell phone, that your brain is attracted to, and which enables it to reboot and reset in a beneficial way to optimize function.

For those suffering from Anxiety, Depression, children and adults with ADHD, Chronic Pain, Head Injury, Sleep and a range of neurological issues – as well as for those experiencing stress, emotional reactivity, ‘brain fog’, struggling to cope – LENS can help.

The LENS has brought fast relief to many, and clinical studies indicate that, with this drug-free approach, results tend to be lasting. It is a gentle, passive approach, user-friendly, requiring no effort, quick to administer – ideal for young or fidgety patients.

The LENS model is based on disentertainment, freeing up ‘stuck’ or dysregulated brainwave patterns from prolonged stress and other conditions. It is a customized training as well as a treatment, with the functional review of progress over a course of treatment. Results can be seen in as little as 6 sessions, typically within 10-20 sessions, depending on severity, the onset of symptoms, and other factors.

The LENS is appealing for those seeking relief from neurological conditions; for those who don’t do well with medications and are dissatisfied with more traditional methods; for those interested in more holistic approaches, to health and wellness; as well as executives, test-takers, sportspersons, performing artists, and all those who seek to optimize their daily functioning.

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