Personalized Programs

Realize your potential with a personalized program

Do you lack direction? Are you looking for change, but unclear on how?

Is there a desire for something new, but you’re feeling stuck, in limbo, just getting by, without a clear aim or purpose?

We can wish for change, but real and qualitative change is more likely to happen through participating in a personalized program, a supportive process – one that addresses each individual’s issues and concerns. Such a program would offer counseling, treatment and training, education on wellness and healthy lifestyle choices strategies and resources for acquiring clear intention, skill-sets, and a plan of action.


A Personalized Program can include:

– Supportive counseling and guidance for life’s issues and challenges, learning coping and cognitive strategies, help with self-esteem or social performance issues and letting go of self-limiting beliefs.

– Clarifying one’s unique values and purpose, goal-setting, developing resources for personal growth, resilience and more effective ways of operating.

– LENS Neurofeedback for alleviation of a range of neurological symptoms and conditions through brainwave regulation.

– The LENS, part of a customized treatment and training program, can help you move beyond relief of symptoms, to becoming integrated and aligned with a more authentic, optimal way of living.

– LENS alone, or combined with other healing techniques for stress relief, stress-management and relaxation.

– Energy therapies: EFT – tapping on energy points for clearing emotional and energetic blocks, setting intentions, balancing meridians and energy pathways. Reconnective Healing, a way of healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and subtle – accessing and aligning with the larger vibratory Field.

– Mindfulness exercises for grounding, centering, calming, and opening to levels of heightened awareness.

– Peak performance for quieting the mind, increasing mental clarity and fitness, productivity, for optimizing function for all, including sportspersons, performing artists, executives, test-takers; acquiring an ease in performance and social situations without being thrown by stressors.

– By becoming more peaceful, less reactive, adaptable, one can cultivate new, positive attitudes, to replace those that no longer serve. Equipped with resources and new direction, a path is then cleared for moving forward with assuredness, and strength of intention towards optimal living and reaching one’s potential.