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As a mental health professional and centering specialist, I am committed to using my expertise helping others achieve relief, balance and clarity in their lives, in difficult times, and to helping them find what is truly and uniquely theirs.

I bring expertise in neurofeedback / biofeedback treating a range of neurological conditions in adults and children, with skillsets and broad experience as mental and holistic practitioner and licensed counselor.

Shortly after I started with Anton my husband noticed a positive change in my temperament, less irritable, more equanimous… beginning to organize, follow through on daily and long term projects

Susan, 50s, Pleasantville
Reconnective Healing

Online / In-office

As counselor and healthcare practitioner, with decades of experience, I use a supportive, personalized approach, addressing the whole person, providing coping strategies, resources and guidance to individuals, couples, families, parents, children – addressing such issues as Anxiety, handling stress,emotional control, mental clarity, relationship and career concerns – for navigating these difficult times .

Reconnective Healing


Neuroscience has been greatly impacted by findings in neurogenesis and  neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to change, and improve its function, at any age, giving hope to many. I use LENS neurofeedback, an advanced but gentle brain technology to bring lasting, drug-free relief from Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, other neurological conditions in children and adults.

Neurofeedback Online Training


For those interested in not only working through, but going beyond the relief of their symptoms and immediate functional issues, I offer customized programs. This supportive process might include counseling, LENS, wellness education, life strategies and resources to acquire the skill-sets, direction, lifestyle choices and plan of action to move to the next level of functioning.

Anton Bluman, MS, AIBT

My over 25 years in mainstream and holistic healthcare derives from a commitment to helping people address and explore what they may feel is missing, open to new experiencing and improve the quality of their lives. I have always had a fascination for neuroscience – the interplay between the brain, mind and the complexity of relationships – as well as the rich verbal, non-verbal world of human communication and exchanges.

Anton Bluman

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I Have Experience With…

Mental Healthcare and Holistic Healthcare

Neurofeedback / Biofeedback
Neurotherapy , using advanced brain technology for relieving stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, ADHD in children and adults
Counseling therapy
Counseling therapy for individuals, couples, parental, relationship issues, resolving conflicts through deep listening, support, guidance
Personalized programs
Personalized programs addressing core issues, various training and centering techniques, providing strategies for growth and lifestyle changes.
Cognitive rehabilitation
Cognitive rehabilitation and communications expertise, all clinical settings to help with functional recovery and re-entering the community

My Approach & Philosophy

I use various therapies and centering techniques that explore, help integrate and harmonize on all levels: mental, emotional, physiological, energetic and psychological.
I engage in deep listening to determine your individual or collective needs, issues and treatment approaches.
I offer customized support, guidance, resources for you to find relief and clarity in pursuing your goals
and aspirations.