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Teletherapy / Phone, In-Office Counseling

Remote Counseling, Online / Phone Counseling is Available

Addressing many people’s health and other concerns and issues, I am currently offering online and phone counseling via Zoom or Skype.

I am a licensed counselor with decades experience in mainstream and holistic healthcare

Using a supportive, in-depth approach I engage in deep listening to address your needs and situation in these difficult times.

To contact me for a session by phone and via Zoom or Skype call (914) 393-5616

I provide coping strategies, relaxation techniques, resources and guidance to help you through daily challenges.

I work with individuals, couples, marital, parental issues, family relationships.
Issues addressed might include: Anxiety, Depression, other neurologically- based conditions, managing stress, gaining emotional control and equilibrium, impulse control, self – esteem issues, grief, social anxiety, relationship issues, mental clarity, focus, organization, planning issues, job and career concerns.
In addition to immediate concerns, ‘For those seeking substantial change, I help with short term, long term goal-setting, developing internal and external resources for personal growth and development.

In a deepening enquiry, fundamental questions may arise about one’s life purpose. Major change would likely involve a reappraisal of long-held assumptions, beliefs, letting go of the counter-productive or unnecessary.

This self-examination, part of the process of integration and healing – can be for some a reorienting, a paradigm shift – the catalyst for change that had seemed out of reach, now attainable.

With gained assurance, you can pursue new personal or career pathways, and more easily advance to optimal level of living.’

To contact me for a session by phone and via Zoom or Skype call (914) 393-5616


Jen’s vanishing symptoms, brighter future:
“After years of suffering from anxiety, depression, compulsive eating and sleep disturbance I began Neurofeedback with Anton. My symptoms have nearly vanished after 15 sessions. I feel whole and better in my own skin! I truly believe LENS and Anton have greatly improved my life, and look forward to a happier and brighter future!!”

JC, 20s, Port Chester

Emily’s fast relief, enhanced relationships:
‘I came to work with Anton after I was hospitalized with severe migraine complications, but also for anxiety, anger, impatience, lack of focus, organization. After 6 sessions my symptoms improved greatly…my headaches were almost entirely relieved along with a lessening of all my symptoms, a greater feeling of well-being and enhanced relationship with myself, my family and my work.’

Emily H., 40s, Yorktown

Paul’s relief from acid reflux disease with Reconnective Healing:
‘ Since the Reconnective Healing session my GERD( acid reflux based on hiatal hernia) ceased..I’ve been symptom-free.’

Paul M.,60s, Ossining

Bob’s control of his anxious feelings:
“Anton Bluman has benefited me enormously by helping me reduce and control growing anxiety that stemmed largely from a significant decline in my short-term memory. By enabling me to gain control over my anxious feelings about those very real issues, Anton’s sensitive and skillful treatment showed me that the underlying memory problem itself could be substantially mitigated. I learned to cope more effectively with disappointment, frustration, anger.’

RJ., 60s, White Plains

‘Feeling more centered, calm…quiet mind…less exhausted at the end of the day…letting go…better stress management…handled big Conference…feel normal again…more clarity…good sleep…in control of thoughts.’

AP, 40s, Long Island

Sharon’s relief of Anxiety and Depression:
‘I have suffered anxiety, depression and ruminating thoughts for almost all of my 45 years. I tried many traditional medical approaches and not only were they completely unsuccessful , but the drugs prescribed for me had unbearable side-effects. In weeks I progressed from emotional ‘fragility’ to ‘reactivity’. LENS is the only protocol to help relieve my symptoms, and now, for the first time, depression and anxiety are not ruling my life. The LENS gave me the relief that nothing else could without a single negative side-effect.’

Sharon D. 45, Norwalk

Gabriella’s stabilized mood, activated intelligence:
‘I was feeling very anxious and reactive before I started the treatment. I’m happy, my mood is more stable. I feel less dramatic, as if my intelligence was being put to use again.’

GMC., 30s, Yonkers

Robert’s Peak Performance:
‘There’s no doubt that the (LENS) neurofeedback therapy was very helpful. It took the edginess I felt away and helped bring my music to peak performance.

RS.,50s, Tarrytown

JP’s Anxiety relief:
‘ I have suffered from debilitating anxiety and depression all my life, so much so that it ended my career. I tried every treatment imaginable,western and eastern…to no avail. The LENS is the only modality to have a meaningful impact, especially with the anxiety. Anxiety and edginess was reduced 30% in 6-7 weeks. LENS attacks the inner sources of these and other conditions, rather than just veiling their symptoms.’

JP., 50s, Tuxedo

Brian’s TBI recovery to full-time schedule:
‘When Anton first introduced me to the LENS I was suffering from the residual effects of a mild traumatic brain injury which included daily brain fog, sluggishness, low energy levels, and short term memory impairment. After 4 years of consulting multiple physicians and enduring countless numbers of ineffective treatment modalities, and within 15 weeks with the LENS, I was literally back on my feet with a full schedule which included going back to school while holding down a full-time job. There is no doubt in my mind that the LENS therapy worked.’

BC.,20s, White Plains

"Anton, I wanted to thank you for introducing me to EEG Biofeedback (the LENS) and EFT therapies. It has helped me in dealing with stress in my everyday life. My increased resilience has made it easier to function with less anxiety and tension and I don't get frustrated over the small stuff anymore."

Mark M

Anton Bluman is a very kindhearted and caring practitioner. It has been a pleasure working with him. I have benefited greatly from his application of neurofeedback. In particular, I find that my level of stress and anxiety has been brought down. In turn, I have seen dramatic changes in my approach to risk-taking. I recently accepted a physical challenge in doing a ropes course that I, heretofore, would not have summoned up the courage to attempt. Also, I decided to accept a professional assignment that I had not done in years. I approached it calmly and with a degree of self assurance that showed in my performance. I found the heart math to be a productive tool. Improving on the EFT technique is also something that is handy to incorporate into daily living. I highly recommend taking advantage of Anton's competency to anyone that needs support to becoming more centered. His calm demeanor is inspiring!

S. R. S

'After 10 or 15 minutes (of LENS treatment), I definitely felt quieter and more relaxed.'


I can recommend Anton Bluman very highly because he has decades of experience as a mental health counselor and holistic healthcare practitioner, helping his clients achieve their health goals, restore balance, clarity and return to living full, vibrant lives.

Paul M Lamb, Core Distortion, Healing specialist.

'Felt at peace... feeling calm, in control' (after initial session), 'Better...I don't freak out as to come back.',

 'I step outside the stress, have some control',' Feeling smarter...I can think thoughts are more organized', 'I'm not a flag anymore, I'm the flagpole.'

DM, 61 years

Very calm, less chaotic in my thoughts
Headaches are now gone, stabilized or absent
I’m feeling better without meds

KS, 50s, Briarcliff, NY

Following initial session, I felt at peace. Sleep improved, next 3 days.
I’m not a flagpole anymore. I’m the flag.
Less explosive behavior. I know my trigger now. Able to control it now.
Better relationship, now with my daughter.
My common sense is taking over, with less anxiety.
I’m falling asleep more easily, shorter ruminating thoughts.

DM, 60s, Ossining, NY

Handled stress with truck dealer. Kept my cool, zero explosiveness
Less reactivity, bonding with my son.
My mind was like a pinball machine, with 5000 different marbles.
I forget less things, more organized, less scattered.

DN, 40s, Dobbs Ferry, NY

I'm a lot more energized. I bumped up my workout ( in the gym) to 2 hours with better focus, sleep.

RH, teen

' If I hadn't been doing the LENS, i would not have been able able to drive up and back to the Adirondacks, alone, with much less stress.'

AT, long term Agoraphobia sufferer