Everyone suffers from fear and anxiety at some point in time. People can be anxious without knowing why. Anxiety usually stems from founded or unfounded fears, or apprehension of what may or may not occur in the future. These triggering of alarms are often coming from the amygdale – a marble-sized sub-cort ical organ in the brain.

“The harder I try, the worst result I get!” Have you ever came across this thought? It can be a frustrating experience that leads to suffering from chronic worry, social anxiety disorder, or phobias.

However, you can use these uncertain times as an opportunity for personal growth and stability. Below are few strategies which can help you to deal with anxiety.

  • Build your pain tolerance: Stop overthinking and worrying about everything. Accepting the fact that there is usually a solution for every problem is a great idea. People who are not capable of tolerating their stress drain their coping abilities, often leading to harmful strategies, such as self-medicating with drugs.
  • The actual threat may be less than the imagined: The fear of the unknown magnifies the anxiety, whereas searching for what is the known can help to diminish it.
  • Breath into it: Slow, full inhalation, exhalation in the abdomen / lower back, known as diaphragmatic breathing, is used by many, to effectively alleviate anxiety, and bring tranquility.
  • Moving the body: Can shift your mood, energize, promote mental clarity, dispel ruminating thoughts. Escape the inertia of sedentary living and engage in healthy distraction.
  • Strengthen your connection: Studies say that talking with others and making your social connection stronger, can help you to find answers to your questions. Try to make things real by engaging in casual conversations. It will definitely help you get a better understanding and way to approach a particular issue with other people.
  • Be more accepting of yourself: Many of you might be going through a phase where you think that you are too fat or too thin, or other self-image issues.. Don’t let your opinion determine your state of mind.
  • It is very important to remember that everyone has struggled to balance their life. Try to take a break and accept your shortcomings, adopt a concept called self-sympathy. Keep in mind what one can be grateful for, and reach out to comfort the vulnerable, those in worse circumstances.

If you know someone who is suffering from anxiety and fear, let them know that they don’t need to live in their pain. There are various successful treatments that can save a person’s relationships, career, and self-confidence, such as counseling – person-to-person or via teletherapy –  and EEG biofeedback. Adopt a healthier lifestyle and cultivate positive thinking – the half-full glass –as a daily practice. Why not take the first step today?

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